Magic in your EZi Wallet

A world of Magic awaits behind this door

In the nondescript building of Sultan Plaza, there exists a den filled with fantasy lands populated by magic wielding Wizards known as Planeswalkers. Better known as MTG Asia Event Centre, this shop has been quietly building a loyal community in the local Magic the Gathering (MTG) scene since 2014.

Spells, creatures and all things Magic are well stocked here

For the uninitiated, MTG is the genre creating, trading card game that pioneered the concept of players having to build card decks and using these decks to battle each other. Each game is a battle between Planeswalkers who wield the spells, artifacts, creatures, and other Planeswalkers, represented by their cards. The game is highly popular, with over 20 million players worldwide, supported by a highly active tournament scene, both locally and internationally.

The duelling arena

Stepping into the shop, I was greeted by the friendly owner, Mr Jordan Chew. What followed was an engaging conversation on the history of the shop, as well as a run down on the local community of MTG shops and players. But underlying the funny anecdotes of the regular customers that hang out in his shop, I got the sense of a young entrepreneur, doggedly determined to succeed in running a business on his own terms.

Are those wands on the shelves?

What this translates into is a very cosy environment with seating for 24 Planeswalkers, a fridge with drinks at a flat rate of $1, gaming accessories, and of course, MTG cards! Boxes and more boxes of cards, all categorized, packed and stored on shelves in the inner sanctum of the shop. It looked a little like Ollivander’s Wand Shop from the Harry Potter books. Buying and selling of cards is one of the main activities of the shop, and naturally, when I first walked in, Mr Chew was busy fulfilling orders that had come in the night before.

Accessories galore!

Besides tending to the trading and gaming aspects of MTG, it was the sense of belonging that Mr Chew seemed most concerned with when talking about his shop. Over the years, he has made it a point to ensure that his shop remains relatively low key, like a speakeasy of sorts for the MTG community. Regulars who hang out at his shop are there for the friendship and easy-going games as compared to the high politics and intense duels that are sometimes found in other local games shops. But he is under no illusion that it will be easy maintaining a retail shop with just a handful of regular customers, hence he is always looking for new ways to do business.

Get your dose of Magic with EZi Wallet

One of these new ways is to adopt the EZi Wallet Scan to Pay solution. With a free trial period of at least 6 months, and low running fees subsequently, EZi Wallet provides him with a very cost-efficient solution for payment acceptance. It essentially allows him to lower his dependence on other costly payment options that will increase his business overheads.

So for all Planeswalkers in Singapore, please support this friendly local game shop, and drop by MTG Asia Event Centre for all your MTG needs! And for folks looking to find out more about the game, MTG Asia Event Centre would be a great starting place to hang out in for some easy going banter on how to get started. See you there soon!

MTG Asia Event Centre
100 Jalan Sultan #03-11 Sultan Plaza
Singapore 199001

Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday: 3.00pm-11.00pm

6341 5996

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