The Lounge Bistro

Are you a darts fan? If you are, check out Lounge Bistro along Havelock road for a cozy (and lounge-y) place for a chill time.  Located in a small neighbourhood, it’s a good gathering place for families to have a great meal and a few rounds of darts at the same time.

The Lounge Bistro has built a reputation for serving delicious western food  – trying to figure out what makes it so good, we set out to uncover their secret! What we found instead was a friendly owner who imparted this piece of wisdom to us “There’s no secret really! The chef is really important – when they put their heart into preparing the food for the customers, food generally tastes good!” Besides tasting amazing, they also have a wide range of selection at very affordable prices, and many finger foods and drinks as well!

Two must try dishes when you visit are their chicken chop (above) and steak (above)! Grilled to perfection, with brown sauce drizzled on top, they make for an excellent meal any day of the week. Simply delicious! Also of special mention is their fried rice..

It looks like… fried rice? Wait until you bite into it! This is simplicity at it’s best,  fried rice (with just the right amount of oil), a sunny-side up and chili. You can have the fried rice with just about everything! Personally, I like chicken wings.. thus the above! But you can have the fried rice with chicken chop, any finger food, and more:)

With the darts machine, its easy to make friends especially if all the boards are full (which makes it not so bad). The players are friendly and most of them are willing share boards and make friends. It was a warm sight to see that everyone knew each other, just like family, which in the owner’s words “is exactly what they’re going for”.

The Lounge Bistro
731 Havelock Road
Singapore 169650

Opening Hours
Tuesday – Sunday: 11.30am – 11.30pm

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