Feeling hungry in the dead of the night? A 24 hr restaurant along Dickson Road awaits you – Al Bismi! The cheery owner happily informed us that his restaurant is frequented by a wide range of loyal customers. Foreigners visit in the noon, locals in the evening, and the night owls drop by at all hours of the night. Whenever the owner is around, you will find him happily chatting with one customer or another. The variety of customers, get to enjoy an equally varied number of dishes hailing from North India cuisine, South India cuisine, and even Thai cuisine.

Just look at that spread! Yes, they have a variety of yummy dishes such as poriyal (Beetroot), koodu (curry spinach), onions in yogurt, and of course, Nasi Bryani! But these weren’t what drew our attention, instead, we were mesmerised by the wide range of Masala and Curry that came with these dishes!

Here are the masala mutton, mutton curry & masala chicken that we tried together with the Bryani. The chicken masala was spicy and juicy, but even though it was delicious, it had nothing on the mutton. The less spicy mutton curry is fatty, delicious and uses big chilies for added taste (and is less spicy as a side effect). But that very same mutton, cooked with a spicy secret sauce, results in a Mutton Masala that gives you a distinctly sweeter feeling that leaves your mouth tingling and wanting more. Needless to say, the mutton masala is a popular staple at Al Bismi.

Aside from the above 3, there is a rotating selection of 10 different sauces:- Bhal (vegetarian), dhalcha (mutton), chicken curry, Mutton ribs Masala, fish sambal, chicken Masala, Chilli chicken, Chilli Mutton, Mutton Masala,fish head curry!

When you think of curry, you think of Prata! Of course, we tried their Prata, and it went down pretty smoothly with the curries. But what came next just blew us away – the butter chicken with Garlic Naan.


Yes it is as good as it looks! Served together with garlic naan and letcha (wheat floor prata), the mouth watering aroma wafting even before the dish was set down -a fragrant garlic smell combined with the rich butter smell from the chicken. The butter chicken tastes as rich as it smells and goes well with just about everything, the biryani, prata and, of course, the garlic naan. The garlic naan was something else entirely, smelling like freshly baked garlic bread, but better and more robust, you can actually see the small chunks of garlic on the naan itself. Absolutely scrumptious.

Tidbit: North India vs South India cuisine- it’s a simply difference in ingredients.  Gravy, potato, onion and tomato sauce are more commonly used in north India coconut versus the chili, fresh roasted spices and coconut used in South India. Unfortunately, we did not manage to try the Thai Cuisine as the Thai chef was not present. But, we had a lovely time chatting with the owner while we ate. The owner comes down from 7pm to midnight just to chat with his regulars! Catch him there and interesting conversations peppered with many lesser known facts may await you as well!

Al Bismi

Al Bismi
41 Dickson Road
Singapore 209513

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