The Buttercake Shop

Hidden in the neighbourhood of Lorong Ah Soo (108 Hougang Ave 1), sits a quaint little bakery that sells butter cakes – The Buttercake Shop. Just a stone’s throw away from the famed hawker stalls in the Hainanese Village Food Centre, The Buttercake Shop has been churning out delicious cakes that the residents in the area have been quietly enjoying, whilst the rest of us have been searching in vain for butter cake nirvana.

As their name suggests, this bakery specialises in butter cakes, and their unassuming façade belies their determination to bake the best and the most “solid” butter cakes. The owner is truly  passionate about his craft, and ensures that only the finest ingredients go into each and every one of his cakes. Ingredients such as French butter, French UHT Milk, and Seng Choon eggs are used to bring out the very best in his butter cakes, which by the way, are baked fresh everyday.

You cannot get any fresher cakes then at The Buttercake Shop, but if you come early, you can have them fresh out of the oven! The variety of flavours that the butter cakes come in are unusual and refreshing (over 15 flavours in total to choose from). Whatever flavour you pick, the cakes are moist, soft and delicious. But if you must know, the top selling flavours are Original, Apricot and Cranberry (above), Rum and Raisin (above), Walnut, Cempedak, Banana and Marble.

In addition to their excellent butter cakes, some of their “cold” items make for surprisingly “hot” sellers too – carrot cakes, macarons and many more! To top it off, they are constantly creating new flavours for their cakes so as to keep their customers excited! You can suggest flavours and additions to their very friendly owner and staff – perhaps it might become a reality!

The Buttercake Shop
108 Hougang Avenue 1 #01-1257
Singapore 530108

Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday: 7.30am – 6.00pm

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