Orchid Roast Fish

Behind the unassuming name of Orchid Roast Fish (花千代秘制烤鱼), is an outlet in Chinatown that would make you do a double take when walking by. Wall to wall covered with every conceivable image you can imagine, Orchid Roast Fish believes in delivering an immersive dining experience.

What’s their secret? It’s the result of rather extensive 3D projectors! The projectors sometimes put on dazzling displays of differently themed light shows, or take diners through various beautiful landscapes. But, they are definitely at their best when they complement the shop’s specialty : Seafood (fish especially).

Rolling waves accompany your choice of the “catch of the day” (no, you don’t actually have to catch your own fish). Speaking of which, check out this mouth-watering dish



Does it look amazingly spicy? This fragrantly spiced fish is one of the top sellers in Orchid Roast Fish! Have no fear, this dish is suitable for both people who can take spice, as well as those who cannot – you can tell the waiters your preferred level of spiciness when ordering. The fish is as  fresh as you can get, to the point the it melts in your mouth. Other variations of spicy fish dishes are also very popular, such as the Original Spicy (Better known as 麻辣/ mala) and the Signature extra spicy (Not for the weak hearted).


A whole range of other flavors are also available for those who seek variety:-

  • Fermented Soya Bean Sauce (above)
  • Chicken Broth with Mushroom
  • Sichuan Style Sauce
  • Black Pepper Sauce
  • Special Recipe Sauce
  • Pickled Chili
  • Original Spicy
  • Fragrant Spices
  • Signature Extra Spicy

Other than their professionally prepared fish specialties, they also have a range of some of the freshest seafood! It’s quite a dream to taste every single type of seafood/ dish they have to offer, there are simply too many! The thought itself makes my mouth water again.

What’s more, if you go from now to 30th November 2017, you can enjoy their special promotion below:-

1 person dines free with every 4 persons eating their buffet.
2 person dines free with every 8 persons eating their buffet.
3 person dines free with every 10 persons eating their buffet.

It’s a feast for the whole family!

Why wait? Make your reservations at Orchid Roast Fish today for a stylish, healthy, delicious and immersive dining experience!

Orchid Roast Fish
68 Pagoda street
Singapore 059227

Opening Hours
Daily : 11.30am to 10pm

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