Take away from Lets Go Jalan Jalan 2017

“Dabao from Let’s Go Jalan Jalan 2017? Food not cold meh?” No no, we actually meant the valuable memories and experiences that we took away from the event.

Rain or shine, we at EZi Wallet had a very enjoyable weekend at Let’s Go Jalan Jalan 2017. But as they say, all good things must come to an end – whether it’s the mouth-watering food, engaging performances by the wonderful performers and bands, or the surprise appearance by Irene Ang.

Still, the smiles after our efforts to ensure a smooth experience for both users and the merchants made every bit of our hard work well worth it. A fair amount of effort did go into liaising with our partner merchants and training them to use their EZi Wallets, enticing our users with our promotions (which we hope you managed to grab),  and last but not least, the event organiser’s own amazing prep-work and advertising. Preparing everything well in advance certainly bore fruit as we witnessed our solution operating smoothly during the event. As they say, preparation is the key to success.

More smiles all around at this event that entirely forgoes cash payment.

To the merchants who put blood, sweat and tears not only into running their own stalls, but also guiding and engaging our users, we thank you for making the festival such a success! Heartfelt thanks also goes out to The Third Party, the organisers of Let’s Go Jalan Jalan 2017.

To all who worked hard with us late into the night, we look forward to another chance to work with you again. Everyone was so friendly and helpful that we had a good time even while we were on the job!

We hope our users took away as much from the event as we did! We look forward to seeing everyone (your friends & family too) at our next event! Once again, here’s a huge thank you to everyone who supported EZi Wallet over the entire weekend!

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