Torched Poke Bar

You know the saying, there’s strength in numbers, and beauty in diversity? It applies for cafes and co-working spaces too apparently. Located along Prinsep Street just steps away from LASELLE and independent art space DECK is Impact Hub Singapore, a coworking community which houses both startups of all shapes and sizes, from ideation stage to billion dollar “unicorns”. Sharing the same space as Impact Hub on the first floor, Torched Poke Bar (Pronounced Torched “Po-Kay” bar) is one of the latest F&B option to pop up on the Bras Basah Bugis scene.

With a bright homely environment in part due to the gregarious nature of the co-working space as well as the ceiling to floor glass windows, Torched looks very much like a comfortable place to grab a bite, and if you’re feeling like it, network and get inspired. We visited on a Monday afternoon in an attempt to torch away some mundane Monday blues and here are what we recommend:

1. Torched Signature Bowl

If you’re lazy to read up what’s good at place before heading down to eat (guilty as charged for this writer), anything with the word “Signature” on the menu is usually a safe bet. The Torched Signature Bowl did not disappoint, its salmon—half cooked, half raw from the fastidious torching—lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. If you prefer your sashimi all raw, you can always opt for the no torching option. The bite-size tuna dices are fresh and very gratifying to bite into, finishing off with the tamago, a little saltier as compared to the rest of the dish, adds a flavor to complement the fresh flavor provided by the fresh fish and greens of the mix- A nice introductory bowl for first timers to Torched.

2. The Customized Torched Salmon Belly Bowl

Does this look similar to the Torched Signature Bowl? Yes, the same fresh greens and Salmon Roe is used, but beyond that is a whole new world when you bite into their Torched Salmon Belly. The sauce appetizing and slightly piquant, as it needs to be, to match the rich flavor provided by the Salmon Belly, sliced thinly to avoid being gelat. Needing careful preparation to mix and match the strong flavors with each other, this bowl is nothing if not a masterpiece.

Oh and they don’t serve wasabi with the bowls here at Torched, which if nothing else, says something about the freshness and quality of the fish they use.

3. Torched Tofu Bowl

A vegetarian option for those so inclined, the Torched Tofu bowl consists mainly of torched sesame tofu, avocado, cherry tomatoes, edamame, and seaweed on a bed of rice and salad, depending on your choice. Rather than the tofu, we felt that the highlight of the dish was the avocado which brought out the flavours of the bowl in a fruity, interesting manner. The zesty and creamy Japanese soy dressing was also very appetising and enjoyable.

As we wrapped up our lunch, owner Abigail revealed that they will be introducing sashimi platters very soon so do look out for that if you still prefer your fish raw (or classic as they call it here at Torched) rather than cooked.

PS: The bowls above are actually exactly the same size even if they don’t look it!

Torched Poke Bar
128 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188655

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday: 11am – 5.30pm
Sunday: 11.30am – 3pm

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