Seoul Jjimdak

Slightly more than a year ago, the concept of jjimdak was brought over from Korea. On a trip to Seoul, the Singaporean boss chanced upon a restaurant in Myeondong that specialises in the dish.


To be honest, it was our first time hearing about jjimdak, a chicken dish braised in flavourful soya sauce. The dish turns out to be slightly salty with a little tinge of sweetness, as well as a mildly spicy as a result of the dried chillies to tickle your taste buds just a little.


The Seafood Pancake is savoury and tastes every bit as appetising as it looks. It also comes with a special homemade sauce for those so inclined towards a more flavourful taste.
The chicken wings looked promising the second they were served, but fell slightly short in the crunch department as compared to other popular fried chicken food chains. Having said that, the tender meat inside as well as the two homemade sauces (sweet or spicy) more than made up for the lack of crunch.
We wrapped up the meal with the Army Stew, a hotpot dish with some of the freshest ingredients we’ve tried in a while. We strongly recommend the pork belly, which is tender with the fragrance of the soup entirely infused into the meat. As with most hotpots, this one is slightly sour and spicy, but entirely shiok because of that.
It was our first time trying jjimdak, and honestly, we can’t wait for our next time!

Seoul JJimdak
Block 180, Kitchener Road, #05-04
City Square Mall, Singapore 208539

Opening Hours
11.30am – 10pm

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