On 22 June 2017, FRUNATIC opened a 30-seater fine-dining restaurant at Palais Renaissance along Orchard Road. With an emphasis on strictly natural therapeutic meals that help maintain, restore, and improve individuals’ health aspirations, the restaurant aims to provide customers with specially designed menus in addition to its Therapeutic Wellness Meals.

We popped by on their grand opening to try out some of the dishes, and even spoke to Mr Jason Fong, Director of FRUNATIC, who reiterated how FRUNATIC “stresses on a strict food production that preserves and maximises nutrients in meals … as a regular supply of good nutrients help to protect the body from environmental cellular damage and delay cellular malfunction that occurs with aging.”

One key highlight of FRUNATIC’s offering is their Therapeutic Wellness Set Meal (the first in Singapore in fact) where you can expect Superfoods, TCM restorative herbs, and in-house therapeutic formulation put together in carefully curated recipes to retain their maximum nutrients.

Here are some of the dishes you can look forward to at the restaurant:

The matcha truffle – an instant energy boost to combat fatigue with its naturally occurring protein and a small amount of caffeine from the green tea. Be surprised at the almonds and cashews, mixed with desiccated coconut, dates, and raw cocao, all coated in a mixture of premium matcha with a gorgeous raspberry centre.
The Seafood Yam Noodle, a luscious vegan noodle made from fresh Japanese yam, edamame, and brown rice served with a refreshing sauce made from homemade mushroom stock, vinegar, and premium ginger.
The vegan Yong Tau Foo, made from 100% natural and fresh ingredients with no dairy, no gluten, no trans-fat, no additive, no cholesterol, and no preservatives.
Another combat fighting dish, the Southwest Tofu Scramble is loaded with powerful antioxidants which can help to relieve pain of osteoarthritis, prevent anti-ageing and boost immunity. The appetiser is put together with thinly sliced red onion and selected red bell pepper, tossed to perfection with tofu scramble accompanied by turmeric sauce in vine ripened heirloom tomatoes and Swiss brown mushrooms, promising a flavourful bite with every mouth.
The Tropical Energising Smoothie, blended to a smooth texture from handpicked tropical fruits (mangoes and bananas) with a touch of cinnamon and ginger powder, helps to relax your mind and muscles while promoting better sleep at the same time.

With the increasing stresses of everyday life in fast-paced Singapore, timely investments in healthy choices and taking care of your body is more important than ever before. Apart from FRUNATIC, Basement 1 of Palais Renaissance also houses Wholesome Savour, a chill-out delicatessen which provides healthy options as well, like cold-pressed juices, dehydrated snacks, and raw nutrient dense cakes. Seems like the next time we find ourselves craving for some healthy and delicious options in Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance is the place to go. ?

Palais Renissance B1-06
390 Orchard Road
Singapore 238871

Opening Hours
9am – 3pm
5pm – 9pm

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