Go Cashless at Pasar Malams: EZi Wallet has got you covered!

It’s 9.30pm, you’re walking home after a long day of work, and you pass by a pasar malam. All you want is a Ramly burger. And then it hits you — you have no cash in your wallet, and the few loose coins in your jeans pocket aren’t enough for that burger you’ve been craving for since morning.


Dilemma: Should you walk home, get money, then walk back for the burger? U-turn back to the MRT for the nearest ATM? Or just… give up the Ramly?

Well, we’re extremely excited to announce that EZi Wallet is now moving into the quintessential Singaporean night experience: pasar malams!


We have chosen the Ramadan Bazaar along Geylang Serai to be our first partner, with the following six merchants as our first pasar malam merchants:

Boom Biryani

JC Creative Food

The Kopi Kia

Poppin Soda

Potato Run

Stop and Go

We’re giving $5 for all new users to spend at the bazaar, so hurry up and download EZi Wallet from the App Store or Google Play now!

In the meanwhile, watch this 3 year old kid try out mobile payment for the first time!

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