Agro bazaar’s 2 storey outlet started quietly a mere 3 years ago along Sultan Gate (near Haji Lane). Agro bazaar and Kopie Satu sit side by side, providing the bazaar shoppers with access to a quaint cafe.

Agro Bazaar comes from our (Singapore’s) neighbor, Malaysia, and aims introduce truly authentic Malaysian goods and cuisine to our little red dot.

Although one may not notice, also part of the same organization, Veranda is on the second floor above. Together, the outlets provides an air-conditioned shelter from the busy streets and the Singaporean heat.

Kopiesatu, a famous franchise in Malaysia, is popular in their own right in Singapore (probably due to the coffee lovers that Singaporeans are), and their specialty is… Coffee! Their arabica coffee beans are specially imported from Malaysia as well, they have the standard selection of coffee, being expresso, latte and so on.

Just as I set my mind to trying their Latte (given a choice I always pick Latte), my eye was caught by a big poster of the Malaysian PM having a certain Ice Blended Caramel. Pretty amusing, it did succeed in making me curious towards what he was having!

Tadah~! The Ice Blended Caramel – a single shot of expresso to make it sweet, topped with whipped cream, a drizzle of caramel and the rest is a secret, the resulting drink is as sweet as it sounds!

Then, I decided to order Latte anyway. Latte has an art all on its own (no, I’m not refering to the obvious art on it), rather the foamed milk steamed to the right temperature, already sweetened, Expresso made from the specialty beans – I could go on all day.


The resulting Latte, with its simple design (too complicated and I’d be reluctant to actually drink it), was perfectly sweet enough on its own, no need for additional sugar, spice and everything nice.

With a good amount of caffeine in me, the owner recommended their Chendol, number one seller. Widely acclaimed by customers that their Chendol is unique, I had a taste for myself. The Chendol tasted very strongly of… Chendol, just more well crafted. Though unsure about the unique aspect, it was certainly refreshing enough that I finished everything. The chef claims is down to the Gula melaka and the coconut milk, carefully blended, to ensure a deeper taste, while staying light and refreshing.

While we unfortunately were too late for their mother’s day buffet, their Ramadan buffet will take place on their scenic Veranda (yes, double meaning). Check out their menu on Agro Bazaar’s Facebook and be in for a Malaysian treat soon!

Agro Bazaar/ Kopiesatu/ Veranda
37-43 Sultan Gate
Singapore 198485

Opening Hours

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