Blanco Beef Noodles

If you are in Bugis around noon to 2pm, you might notice lunch crowds flooding a certain open air restaurant. Blanco Beef Noodles, which opened just last november, has an stable following of beef noodle lovers.

Famous for their beef noodles (duh), they are inspired by the nostalgic flavor of a certain beef noodle in Blanco court (yes, thus the name). Blanco Beef Noodles has tried to recreate the local flavor of old, but with a twist to create their own unique flavor.

Mixed beef noodles

And now, the beef noodles – the mixed beef noodles was my choice as I wanted a little bit of everything! It certainly did not falter in any aspect. They handpick the best herbs and spices from traditional medicinal stalls every month, and the meticulous brew resulted in a soup that is rich yet not super thick + super tender beef – even the brisket was precisely succulent! An amazing combination that I would not mind eating every other day. Before I knew it, I had finished everything and drank the soup without even leaving a single drop. Despite being a good sized meal, it was light and refreshing!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, they certainly spent a long time perfecting their secret recipe for their beef noodles. Throughout, they were extremely meticulous and particular about the preparation, with a preparation timing of 8 hours minimum everyday.

Chef’s special beef slice

For the dry noodles, we decided to go with something more special – the chef’s special beef slice! The gravy, we were told, is prepared directly from the soup base, and has an even stronger aroma of beef than the already flavorful soup. You’re also even a bowl of the soup to match, so best of both worlds.What’s special about the beef slices? The slices of beef (chef’s secret) is EVEN more tender than the other parts, which are already pretty tender! Extremely shiok!

The refreshing noodles allowed us to avoid being bloated despite the full meal and left us space to try their extremely popular fried chicken wing! Using basic old school ingredients and prepared in the traditional way, this dish has no secrets- just the plain old hard working way. The resulting wings are magnificent and extremely crispy!

They also prepare their own brews – Barley, Lime & Water Chestnut – a refreshing alternative to soft drinks. It’s a pity we did not get to try their equally famous curry chicken, of which there are only 15 servings each day and sells out extremely quickly everyday. The beef noodles themselves, due to the long hours of meticulous preparation, also only have enough for 250 bowls each day. Grab them while stocks last!

Blanco Beef Noodles
520 North Bridge Rd #01-01
Singapore 188742

Opening Hours
Mondays to Saturdays: 11am – 10:30pm
Closed Sundays

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