Fat Bird

I remember being oddly amused when I heard we were going for lunch at Fat Bird. What a cute name! Would we be getting adorable little bird-shaped food items something like those pig-shaped custard buns inundating my Instagram feed a while ago? Angry birds maybe?

While we didn’t get any of the bird-related antics when the dishes are served, here are some of my personal favourites at Fat Bird that are too pheasant ? not to share:

Lychee Pork

This reminds me of the ubiquitous sweet and sour pork easily found in Singapore, but with a breath of fresh air.

The lychee flavour is suffused very gently into the meat, pairing perfectly with the sweet sour sauce, and I really enjoyed how the inside was tender while the outside still remains crisp and crunchy.

Spicy & Fragrant Chicken Hotpot

Brewed with more than 40 ingredients (A for effort leh this chef), the signature Spicy and Fragrant Chicken Hotpot tastes less intimidating than it looks. The chicken was very tender, and the spice very evenly spread out. Tremendously appetising, this dish, and one which goes incredibly well with just a simple bowl of white rice.

Chicken Stew in Pig’s Stomach

Painstakingly boiled for four hours under the watchful eye of Chef Wu who hails from Sichuan China (yes to authentic flavours), the Chicken Stew in Pig’s Stomach smells of comforting Chinese herbs without being overwhelming. The gentle peppery tinge was very agreeable with the natural sweetness of the pork, which resulted in a very fragrant soup that was not greasy at all.

All in all, the dishes at Fat Bird is perfect for sharing, which makes it a great place to share a scrumptious meal with family and friends at. The next time you find yourself with good reason to celebrate over good flavourful food, you know where to look.

Fat Bird
16 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189037

Opening Hours
Mondays to Sundays: 12:00pm – 1:30am

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