EZi on the ice : Ice Togo

As per their name, Ice Togo offers chilled desserts and drinks to go (commonly known as 打包). Originally located at Novena square, they have moved to Fortune Center and upgraded their shop to include a seating area. Their regulars now include students, office workers and tourists- all seeking an escape from the Singapore heat.

Mango Tango Ice

Tango ice (风舞冰沙) – A highly popular ice blended fruit slushie/ drink. Their best seller, the mango flavored Tango ice (above) brings out the sweetness of the mango &  sells well over 50 cups each day. From the mango infused ice to the sizable mango chunks that tops the drinks, it is both sweet and fruity at the same time. It is a delicious drink that is a must try for both sweet-tooths and fruit lovers.

Ice cream waffle

Ice cream waffles are also available, also topped with your choice of fruity bits. This waffle consists of a crispy waffles topped with banana and mango chunks to compliment the chilly chocolate chip ice cream.  I simply could not resist adding a drizzle of chocolate syrup. While sweet, it wasn’t overkill, but instead rather filling and refreshing.

If you go earlier, they also offer a lazy breakfast. With fruits as a natural sweetener, their repertoire of healthy ice (togo) drinks and desserts allows for an excellent way to beat the heat in Singapore and provides an energizing blast of sweetness. In addition to other ice blended drinks like ice coffee, chocolate and milo blends, they also offer homemade Tou Hua and grass jelly!

Due to their popular business, they might be extending their opening hours to 12 midnight to satisfy late-night dessert cravings! Grab your ice desserts and drinks to-go today!

Ice Togo
190 Middle Road, Fortune Centre
SIngapore 188979

Opening Hours
Tuesdays to Sundays: 10:30am – 7pm
Closed mondays

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