Healthy is EZi: SBAM

SBAM, which stands for Spice, Brew and Masala, is located on the second floor of Fortune center, their catchy name and vibrantly colored decor jumping out at passerbys. They are especially proud of, as you may guess, their spices, brews and Masala – but here’s the twist, their food is entire vegan! At a single glance, their menu might lead to confusion, it’s entirely filled with meat dishes such as their popular pepper mutton! This leads to a fair amount of confusion despite the fact they are 100% vegetarian. Their one rule is to only serve fresh, colorful food that they themselves will enjoy eating!

Their kitchen constantly has clean spicy smells wafting out of it, separated from the seating area by a huge blackboard- which is filled with scribbles by both the shop staff and customers alike. Their walls, tables and chairs are colored a vivid orange and lit up with bright lighting in reminder of the spicy meal to come. In the interest of keeping their food captivating and fresh as well, they change up their combinations of carefully selected greens, 2 by 2 in each dish. Be it rice, pasta, soups and even drinks, they all have a neat combination of 2 vegetables.

Featured prominently in this dish is their crowd pleaser – the pepper Mutton! Mildly peppery, the meat while not identical to mutton (since it’s not really mutton), feels like a tender meat that is filled with the peppery flavor enough to make our mouth water. A pretty combination of  green and purple cabbage compliments the mutton, which tastes salted on the first bite but changes to a fresh flavor upon chewing. The dish is then topped off with crunchy brinjal koropok. Together with my healthier choice of brown rice, the combination feels extremely well put together, from the vegetables to the spices – healthy yet delicious.

This dish might be challenging to those who cannot take the spice. However, it might be worth it for the uninitiated to ask for it to be less spicy, if only to enjoy the rich base, akin to a tomato pasta’s sauce, except fresher and spicier. We took on a challenge and chomped right in to find fresh tomatoes and crunchy greens. All in all a spicy and piping hot Mee Goreng with Char Siew (which aren’t real but they add chewiness and flavor)!

For those searching for something simple, their Nasi Lemak comes highly recommended as well! This dish came with a splash of extremely vibrant looking Sambal Chilli, which the was proudly announced to have taken 3 hours of prep work, cooked and stewed to make it sit better and taste better. This goes well with the very well marinated fish, the Masala permeating it throughout (they even made the fish skin!), the resulting texture had us convinced that we were eating fish. Tofu and sweet potato koropok are the sides.

A soup is also given with each meal, which is also cooked with 2 vegetables which changes daily   and free house-brew- both to compliment your food and cool down your tongue. There are 3 different kinds of Koropok to choose from, the earlier mentioned sweet potato and brinjal and also a rice koropok. But they have an unspoken secret, you can ask them to customize your food for you, less spicy, different mixes! Their popular pepper mutton can be wrapped in prata to form a prata wrap! The perfect blend between keeping it fresh and traditional cooking.

They are looking into healthy desserts, fruits and tofu salad! We can only say they’re definitely keeping it fresh and healthy- So look forward to them.

190 Middle Road #02-05, Fortune Centre
Singapore 188979

Opening Hours
Mondays to Saturdays: 11.30am to 7.30pm
Closed on Sundays

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