Oiishi is EZi: Xin Hao Ramen

Located on the third floor of Bugis cube, Xin Hao (新号) Ramen has managed to draw in a loyal crowd over the last two years. What their name Xin Hao (新号) Ramen hints at, they accomplish by subtly adjusting the cooking and taste of their modern cuisine to give it a Singaporean feel, making the restaurant popular with locals. Grab a few of these wooden tags for fuss free ordering.

With an open kitchen concept common to Japanese restaurants, the two owners are able to casually interact with diners and to naturally allow the aroma of their food to draw in hungry locals. Warm and subdued lighting allow for a more relaxed ambiance, making the meal and the overall dining experience that much more enjoyable.

Besides their repertoire of clear and rich stocks for their Ramen, their newest and hottest Ramen happens to be their (dry) Truffle and Cheese! At first glance, the fact it is a Ramen is hidden, the noodles hidden below the grilled-to-perfection pork belly slices, alongside the fried Enoki mushroom. But before you chomp in, resist the mouth watering smell for just one more minute and mix the egg yolk into the truffle & cheese infused noodle hidden below!

Truffle and Cheese ($13)

The first bite immediately hits your taste buds with a clear and strong Truffle taste. The Fried Enoki mushroom on top provides a crunchy feeling to go with the smooth noodles. The pork belly slices, pan grilled and topped with their secret homemade sauce, has a local zing to it and the fat and meat of it mixes well to present a juicy meaty taste. All in all, the ingredients blends extremely well with the unique combination of Truffle and cheese infused into the noodles.

Set of 5 ($9.50)

If you go later in the day, be sure to order the delicious Charcoal grilled Yakitori which is only available after 6pm. Enjoy their deal of 5 sticks of Yakitori for $9.50; add a cold Asahi beer, and it totals to only $15! They offer asparagus, quail egg, pork belly, chicken & chicken skin Yakitori – enjoy them with a sweet Yakitori sauce. Basted with sweet sauce on top of being charcoal grilled and sprinkled with chilli powder (togorashi), it compliments the different sticks of Yakitori in unique ways.

This place is definitely a great place for a relaxing lunch or after office hours (especially if you’ve worked hard all day)!

Xin Hao Ramen
470 North Bridge Road #03-19 Bugis Cube
Singapore 188735

Opening Hours
Mondays to Saturdays: 11.30am to 9pm

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