Thai-tastic Baby: Ah Loy Thai

If you’re a fan of authentic and honest Thai food, you’ll most probably be familiar with the name Ah Loy Thai. After more than a decade at Shaw Towers, the restaurant finally moved to a new space along Tan Quee Lan Street last September.

Armed with a voracious appetite for Thai food, the EZi Wallet team went down last week to see (and taste of course) for ourselves if Ah Loy is all it’s hyped out to be.

The first thing we noticed compared to its previous location at Shaw Towers is how spacious it is. With twice the seating capacity than before, the new place is definitely ideal for large gatherings.

We started our dinner with the extremely appetising Tom Yum Seafood. The prawns were succulent, the broth, very flavourful, with just the right amount of sour and spice. Even the skin of the prawn came off without much of a hassle, which is perfect for lazy diners. Nothing to nitpick for this opening number.

Tom Yum Seafood ($8.90)

Before we were done with the piping hot Tom Yum (and perspiring from the shiokness of it all), our Thai Pandan Chicken came served in an adorable little sampan bowl. Wrapped snuggly inside layers of pandan leaves, the chicken chunks were fragrant and very tender. We were told by the lady boss that only thigh meat is used, of which they marinate with a special ingredient. Do drop by early if you want a piece of the action because only 300 pieces are handmade daily.

Thai Pandan Chicken ($10.50)

Our last main for the night came in the form of this perfectly symmetrical pad thai that tasted as good as it looks. As with the tom yum, the prawns are juicy and flavourful. The fresh and crunchy beansprouts sprinkled liberally on top of the noodles were the icing on the cake. My favourite part of this dish though, was the special ingredient the chef added into the egg – it’s a special recipe handed down from her mother in law. Order the pad thai and let us know if you can tell what the special ingredient is! 😉

Thai Fried Keotow (Phad Thai) ($7.90)

When she’s not in the kitchen, the gregarious lady boss enjoys talking to her customers, which was when we found out that most of the ingredients (like the basil leaves, tomatoes, as well as the noodles for the Phad Thai) are imported from Thailand twice a week. Talk about authenticity!

Ah Loy Thai
9 Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188098

Opening Hours
12:00pm – 03:00pm
04:15pm – 09:00pm

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